Jul 29th Server outage

Services were down for 3 hours do to a router issue. The issue has been resolved and we are adding additional equipment to prevent the issue from happening again.

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

May 29th Phoenix OpenVZ node down.

We are aware of our Phoenix node being down. We have reached out whom we rent the server off of to address the issue. We update as informaton come sin.

Mar 25th Emergency switch maintenance.

Our main switch was experencing packet loss and other general toublesome issues. We replaced it with a spare we had in stock. There was a two min interuption of service caused by this. The new switch is working perfectly and packet loss issues should be fixed now.

Mar 20th VPS node downtime.

Hello all.

We will be having a estamated 30 min downtime of our vps nodes for upgrades at 7pm this Friday the 21st. If you have anything critical running on your servers that will be effected by a short shutdown of your servers, we recommend you take proper actions.

After the upgrades I/O preformence should see a huge improvement.